Devon County Council wrote to 9 Devon MPs on 9th August 2021 asking them to support the CEE Bill. Link to DCC's letter. Ben Bradshaw MP Exeter had already declared support. We thank him for that.

Simon Jupp, MP East Devon, replied, cosigned by 6 other Conservative Devon MPs. Judging by this response these MPs do not fully understand the purpose or the content of the Bill, or why DCC asked them to support it, as the letter contains multiple factual inaccuracies and displays a lack of understanding of what the Bill seeks to achieve.

The Jupp letter is displayed here along with our factual corrections. 
We are asking these MPs to meet with constituents and representatives of Zero Hour Devon with a view to reaching an accurate shared understanding of the Bill and its intention and content, which fully supports already stated Government aspirations and targets and only seeks to facilitate their delivery. Independent Government advisors, the Committee for Climate Change, rate the UK as 'Off Track' from its climate targets, known as 'carbon budgets'. The Bill seeks to rectify this position.

Lord Deben, CCC Chair - June 2021

We will be annotating responses from other MPs here soon. 

If your MP has declined to support the CEE Bill for reasons which may not stand scrutiny, please do write to them, challenging any potential misunderstandings.